Nipped tucked sucked and plucked – some of the Towie girls haven’t exactly kept their love of cosmetic treatments a secret but how much is too much


Amy Childs 24

The former Towie star recently revealed that she regrets having cosmetic enhancements saying she became addicted to treatments and looked like a freak growing to hate her ‘Daffy Ducky ’lips. She’s admitted to two boob jobs, her first one at 18 and countless lip fillers and has recently had problems with her breast implants and says she wants to go back to how she used to look. Breast implants have a shelf life and most need replacing after ten years, or sooner if there is a problem, but having them removed will leave scarring and because the breast skin has stretched many women need an uplift at the same time. In this photo Amy’s cheeks look very plump and overdone .Too much filler can give the face a triangular look wide at the cheeks and narrow at the jaw .If she wants to go back to being natural, Botox and most fillers wear off after a few months and are thus reversible. Semi permanent fillers last one to two years, while temporary fillers last four to eight months.



Chloe Sims 31

Chloe has admitted she’s insecure about her looks and has openly spoken about the countless procedures she’s had over the years including a butt lift, regular Botox and fillers, teeth veneers non permanent filler in her top lip and two boob jobs along with her trademark lashes and spray tanning. Here, she also looks like she has had way too much filler in her face which has left her with an almost cat like appearance .If too much filler is used the enlarged cheek presses against the eye, making it look smaller and slanted especially when smiling.


Lauren Pope 31

Lauren has admitted to a nose job  -after walking into a glass door– and also had breast enlargement surgery several years ago but had them removed two years ago after finding out they were Pip implants. She may have had filler in her lips and around the outline to make them more defined but if you inject above the lip line it can make the lips turn upwards, giving a sort of duck look. Still, for a Towie girl she has managed to stay looking quite natural. Here her cheeks look well defined so she could have had a little filler and the shiny line free forehead and clear skin suggests regular Botox sessions and laser facials.


Lauren Goodger 28

Lauren has admitted to a nose job three years ago and a recent boob job as well as mild laser procedures on her skin, a non invasive procedure to boost collage and improve skin tone. They are  a great natural alternative to fillers as regular treatments can plump lines and smooth wrinkles .In this photo she looks very chubby cheeked which could be from filler injections.  It also looks like she’s had too much filler in the upper lip making her pout look a little unbalanced. Although she has denied having Botox . brows overarch like this when too much Botox is administered on the forehead, making it very smooth and  it can also cause the centre of the brows to drop.


Jess Wright 28

Jess had breast implants three years ago but has recently said she   regrets this decision and may have a reduction. Breast implants appear to be going out fashion and we’re finding more and more young women, like Jess, don’t want overinflated breasts preferring a natural athletic look.  Here naturally pretty and curvy, Jess doesn’t appear to have overdone the cosmetic treatments and looks like she prefers facials and good skin care to keep her skin looking radiant though she may have had a little  filler in her lower lip




How Young Is Too Young


Believe it or not, many women actually request this fake overdone look – due to the TOWIE effect. But it’s the start of a slippery slope when you start having cosmetic surgery and treatments during your twenties as it can give way to the temptation to have more invasive surgery later  and then you can lose touch with reality, leaving you unaware of how bizarre you’re looking. Too much filler in the lips for instance can actually be dangerous, as it can break up the lip border, allowing the filler to leak and create lumps around the mouth while too much filler in the face can leave you looking chipmunky As for other injectables although there’s a definite increase in the number of men and women who are barely 20 who want Botox and filler but  we always suggest they take other steps before opting for the needle like using sunblock,  having a good diet, and a healthy lifestyle to fix any flaws they think they may have.

Really injectables are best when you are in your mid to late thirties.  But you can never be too young for good skincare routines and   regular facials, including microdermabrasions and some laser treatment for problem skin can help remodel the skin and keeping it looking fresh.



The skin around the eye area is on average three times thinner than facial skin and the thinnest on the entire body. Little wonder it is the first to show signs of wear and tear. Sylvia Kim, 43   from Dartford, Kent was concerned about the fine crisscrossed lines under her eyes that almost resembled a grid and made her eyes look tired all the time. She wanted to know if she could have Botox to get rid of them but we never inject under the eyes though a little Botox is fine at the side to soften Crow’s feet. Instead we recommended a course of Pelleve a lunchtime fix that literally irons out wrinkles and boosts collagen. The pain free procedure is quick with no downtime   and the results are excellent  – you’ll see an instant lifting and tightening effect and a reduction in lines and wrinkles. Using radio frequency, it works by heating the deep layers of the skin without damaging the epidermis or top layer. This heat initially causes the collagen in the skin to contract and tighten, then after treatment, the skin starts producing new collagen, improving skin quality, firmness and tightness. Results are seen after one treatment but a course of two to three will make sure results last longer.

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