The Visible Vein problem

We all hate visible veins… they aren’t attractive and they give our skin that ‘un-finished’ look. Also known as ‘spider veins’ … the proper name is telangectasia- are tiny swollen blood vessels just under the skin. They show up on your legs because of the pressure on the vessels caused by sitting or standing for long periods. They can be red, blue or purple… and they often develop in clusters, like little spider’s webs- hence the name!

How can you get rid of them?

-Get some Omega 3 in your diet- good to stimulate blood circulation.

-Be a garlic lover… garlic makes blood less ‘sticky’, so it’s less likely to slow circulation.

-Enjoy a red wine tipple- it improves our blood flow… this isn’t an excuse to binge! It’s all about moderate drinking.

-Move around (even when you’re sitting) … keep your blood flowing!

-Love your winter wardrobe – cover up those veins with some tights- and they’ll make your legs look thinner.

-Use make-up… Cover FX is my favourite camouflage make-up, a good emergency fix for the summer months too!

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