The newspapers have been covering the global Fashion Weeks recently, and yet again one topic comes up….the size of the models used on the catwalks.  Yes, in some cases the girls ARE very thin, but let’s remember that most of these girls are still very young…teenagers in fact…and who didn’t have thin thighs at that age?  I certainly did and that was without dieting or exercising….youth naturally seems to have a higher metabolism.
Now, before anyone goes crazy, I am NOT saying that we should all aspire to achieve skeletal legs, but as legs are literally the things which hold us up, we should be taking more care of them what ever size they are, and let’s face it most of us would like sculptured, shapely legs in general, and thighs in particular.  So if wobbly thighs are your problem read on.
Check out skin tone first.  Are your legs dry, and maybe even scaly, after being in tights all winter?  Then get exfoliating.  Scrub off those little dead skin cells and let the new cells get to work.
Now..the bit none of us like…exercise.  Ladies, this has to be done.   You don’t need to buy an expensive gym membership, just walk more.  And if you can, do squats.  My favourite is the Chair Squat as it brings an element of safety to the exercise so you do not fall over.
Start with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, with your toes pointing slightly outwards (this should prevent the knees from caving inwards).  Now engage your abdominals, look straight ahead, inhale, push your hips back and bend your knees to lower into a squat until you are touching the chair.  Keep your body weight on your heels; when you are ready to exhale, push through your heels and come back up to starting position. Do as many as you can manage and aim to increase each time.
If cellulite is your problem then you really need to change your lifestyle.  Swap alcohol and caffeine for water and steer clear of salty food as that increases puffiness.  Add more fruit and veg too, as they are packed with vitamin C and will help improve the health of your skin.  If you smoke…then just stop!  Smoking affects the blood supply to your skin.
Then moisturise.  You know the mantra!  As you get older, your skin will need more help in retaining moisture so get to it.  And get into the habit of massaging your moisturiser each day.  It honestly only adds a few minutes to your morning ritual, so there is no excuse not to!  Massage is very effective for breaking down cellulite as it helps stimulate blood flow, whilst increasing circulation to the areas where fat has accumulated.  Your thighs will love you for it!
If your cellulite needs extra help then you could check out CelluTite as this works well for moderate to severe cellulite.  Using Radiofrequency (RF) lipolysis, a probe is inserted under the skin that ‘snips’ the fibrous tissues that pull the skin into dimples.  At the same time, the RF energy warms the skin, making it tighter.  You will need to wear a support garment for about four weeks though…but only one treatment is necessary.  It costs around £3000.
Summer is on the way…time to get those pins out.
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