Triangle of Youth

Not many people have heard of this…but it holds the key to a youthful look because  in a young face, the widest part is the cheeks, tapering down to the chin….this is the Triangle of Youth …but over the years skin begins to droop, wrinkles appear and the magical Triangle changes shape,  so we look older.

But it‘s not all doom and gloom because it is possible to restore volume with a Liquid Lift to make you look fresher as well as treat wrinkles and sagging skin.  During the 45 minute procedure, various fillers are used according to the facial area being treated.  A hyaluronic filler is injected under the cheekbone muscle to give your lower face a lift.  The hollows under the yes are injected with a finer filler, smoothing the area.  It’s painless and you’ll see instant results, lasting up to a year.  Prices start at £350

A wider, smoother forehead can open up the face and make you look younger too because as we get older the temples can sink inwards, causing an imbalance. But once ‘reinflated’ the entire face looks lifted.  Sculptra involved injections of poly-1-lacic acid to stimulate collagen productions.  Up to five treatments to give  a natural look to hollow areas.  Results last for up to 2 years and cost is from £450.

A couple of tips too:

Give your face an instant lift by dabbing light concealer on the outer corners of the mouth.  Its an old technique of Max Factor’s from the days of black-and-white films.

For a quick fix to freshen up your makeup, rub moisturiser into the palms of your hands and pat over your made-up face.  Your skin will look dewy and refreshed.

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