Wake up Sleep Deprived Skin with CBD!

No, I dont mean we should all sneak off and take a puff or two of any illegal substances (honest officer!) but if you are going through a bad patch of not sleeping properly then CBD might just work for you.  As most of my followers know, I was converted to CBD oil a while back, using a few drops under the tongue just before bed,  but I wanted to test out the skin-calming properties too.  The therapists in the Clinic had great fun trying out one product after another …we use MariPharm because it is the purest and the best….and voila, The Magic Lift CBD Facial was born. 

It is perfect to give your skin an instant jolt of energy, great for softening the look of tiredness, detoxing and putting a glow back into your complexion. This brand new facial uses one of most talked-about cosmetic ingredients, Cannabidiol (CBD), a substance found in the cannabis plant…this is non-hallucinogenic and is legal.   The use of quality, whole- plant extracted CBD has a hugely beneficial anti-inflammatory, calming and protective effect on the skin. It won’t block pores, is rich in antioxidants, especially vitamin E and essential fatty acids to help calm and soothe stressed skin. Even better you’ll see immediate results. 

Before the facial begins, 3 drops of  CBD oil are given under the tongue, which act on the brain’s serotonin receptors to relax and calm. Next, the skin is double cleansed, followed by a relaxing, deep tissue massage using more CBD oil from MariPharm, concentrating on key pressure points.  Finally, an anti-stress mask is applied for 15 minutes, removed with a floral tonic, before finishing with a light film of MariCreme to seal and protect.  Hello glow!

Our celebrities have been trying it and we have had some terrific reports, so if you want to see for yourself, you can book the Magic Lift CBD Facial on 020 7436 4441.  It costs £120.

And if you want to buy the products then go to https://maripharm.co.uk

Quote code HSSC and you will receive a 15% discount off your entire order.

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