What you DO and DON’T want in your beauty products.

It pays to limit chemical overload in the products you’re regularly putting on your skin, particularly if its sensitive and prone to allergies and breakouts. Therefore, try to limit the use of products containing the following, where possible:

1. Sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate – this is ver drying but it’s used in lots of foaming face cleaners and is a common cause of irritation. If you notice a rash of redness after using a cleanser containing it, stop using it.

2- Mineral oil – this is an inexpensive by-product of petroleum and is used in lots of lotions, creams and cosmetic. It forms a barrier on the skin, clogging pores and preventing natural oils in the skin from coming out, co it helps spots to form. Avoid it!

3- Chemical fragrances – these are often a cause of allergies and skin irritations such as hives, rashes and dermatitis. Look for natural fragrances such as essential oils or choose fragrance-free products.

4-Parabens – these are commonly used in moisturizing creams as a preservative and can cause skin rashes and irritation. Look for products that include a natural preservative instead.

5- Alcohols (including ethanol, ethyl alcohol, and isopropyl) – these are very drying and irritating, disturbing the skin’s natural PH and making it more vulnerable to bacteria, fungi and viruses. Don’t go there!


What you DO want

1- Your day cream should include an SPF, but if your favourite brand doesn’t have one, make sure you apply sunscreen on top or use a foundation or tinted moisturiser with SPF 15.



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