What you need to know about Fat Freezing

With body beautiful celebrities constantly in the public eye, it’s little wonder that we are now a society obsessed with our image, especially our figures.

When it comes to fat removal, more and more people are now turning to cosmetic procedures like fat freezing for a helping hand. Fat freezing is very different to liposuction and other fat busting treatments which use lasers, as this procedure uses cold instead of heat  – called Cryolipolyis – to break down the fat cells which the body then naturally eliminates over the following weeks. The good thing about this type of procedure is it’s a non- invasive treatment, usually takes around an hour, has little downtime and, unlike liposuction, requires no general anesthesia. The problems occur when people think it will be the magic bullet for losing weight or a fast route to a celebrity body because it’s certainly not a solution if you have a weight problem or for overeating. Also, fat freezing treatments rarely remove significant amounts of fat but are best for body contouring, or spot reducing any stubborn bulges around the tummy, hips and thighs as it can help shift that last annoying inch or two, which I suspect is what a lot of girls want to do.

But results can also be variable as no one’s metabolism is the same and in some cases you can wait a long time for the body to naturally get rid of the fat. Sometime it can take one or two months, or in some cases even longer for the dead fat cells to naturally leave the body. It’s also important to follow a healthy diet and exercise routine after treatment and maintain a steady weight, as it won’t stop you from putting on weight again.

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