Your hormone levels can begin dropping 10 years before your final period and then you can say goodbye to plump, problem-free skin and hello to weight gain and hot flushes.

It is all down to the shift in balance of the key hormones cortisol, oestrogen, testosterone and progesterone so rather than just accepting the ‘Change’ it makes sense to get yourself checked out to see quite how bad the problem is because the correct hormonal balance can help delay the signs of ageing.  At our Clinic we have a test which measures these key hormones and one of our experts can advise on diet and lifestyle and prescribe supplements to rebalance you and get the spring back in your step.  Cost is from £499.

And more Good News.  After the menopause, 30% of your collagen is lost causing your skin to thin and sag.  Just what you wanted!  But luckily treatments are being devised all the time and one, HIFU – a revolutionary non-invasive treatment – can treat brows, neck and jowls.  It stimulates collagen, with no downtime and improvements continue for six months.  The results last for 12 months.  We recommend 3 sessions a year to keep your skin firm and lifted.  From £500 per treatment.

My tips:

  • Yes, I know you have heard this before but what you eat can significantly improve your skin.  Healthy fats matter so stock up on oily fish, avocado, nuts and seeds, wholegrains, oats and brown rice.
  • Keep hydrated, but that doesn’t mean more coffee.  Switch to green tea instead as it is high in antioxidants.
  •  Search out products which aid collagen formation.  Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Stem Cells help retain moisture.  I developed StemCellutions Miracle Serum for just this purpose.  £50 harleystreetskincare.com
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