Your skin does!

Yes, it is a good thing to stop, or severely reduce, the amount of alcohol for the month of January so that your liver can recover, but January in general is not a good month for your skin because a mince-pie overload, combined with central heating and falling temperatures can make skin dry, flaky and sensitive.

There’s a lot you can do though.

Most virtuous is to cut out, or cut back your alcohol intake as alcohol is a diuretic, so your already-dry skin is losing much needed moisture.

Then hydrate.  Drink water little and often to flush toxins, plump skin and brighten your eyes.  Talking of eyes, did you know that eye bags are much darker in winter, partly due to tiredness caused by a lack of vitamin D, but also because tiny capillaries can leak blood under the skin’s surface.  A professional treatment called Xela Plus Therapy can help fade these bags.  Blood is drawn from the arm, treated and mixed with hyaluronic acid which is injected around the eye to stimulate cell regeneration over three sessions.  Results last around 12 months.  From £750.  harleystreetskinclinic.com

Now more hydration.  A good mask is a great addition to the skincare toolbox and this new mask is a little wonder.  If you like the idea of intravenous vitamin infusions, then you will love Vitamin Drip Mask as it is packed full of vitamins and antioxidants to supercharge and rejuvenate tired, dull, dry skin.

Key vitamins A, C and E combine with many more wonderful anti-ageing ingredients to reduce super oxidative stress, neutralize damaging free radicals and allow the skin to stay healthy by repairing itself.  It also contains Glycolic Acid which gently dissolves the glue-like substance that holds dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, blocking pores and making the skin look dull and old. Your skin will look more luminous and glowing.    Use once or twice a week.  Cost £33.60 harleystreetskinclinic.com

Now add even more hydration.  Look for moisturing products containing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and urea as these bind moisture to the skin.  Then add another layer like an oil…my favourite is Rosina’s Rose Perfecting Oil, £22 (rosinaslotionsandpotions.com)…. to give skin extra support.

Dry lips?  Drinking water helps a lot and use a lip balm throughout the day.  There are masses on the market so find one which suits you.  Alternatively good old Vaseline works wonders!

 And one last thought.  Winter is the perfect time to undergo skin-resurfacing procedures as it’s important to avoid sun exposure for at least three months afterwards.  A Fractora treatment can be used all over the face and neck, tightening saggy skin, improving pigmentation, filling out fine lines, zapping thread veins and boosting collagen.  Radio frequency energy is passed through a series of bipolar pins.  This heats the skin and cases tiny holes that the body repairs.  Downtime is seven to ten days , after which you’ll see tighter, firmer, clearer skin.  Costs from £700.  harleystreetskinclinic.com

So..layer your hydration, goodbye Dry January and roll on Fabulous February!

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