They’re the queens of glamour and proudly boast they’ve never been under the knife. So how do they keep the ageing process at bay?


Jo Lumley

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One of Britain’s most famous beauties, the 68-year-old Absolutely Fabulous actress says she has embraced the ageing process and refuses to go under the knife. The former Bond girl cuts and dyes her own hair, doesn’t like the gym and recently revealed she rarely eats a meal preferring to pick at food, often peanuts, throughout the day. So how does she look this good?

She has good facial bone structure which always ages well as it stops everything from sagging and even though she says she is proud of her wrinkles her quality of skin looks good with barely a line or age spot .She once admitted she had a little filler in a scar on her chin and we’re sure she treats herself to regular facials .Her choppy hairstyle is ageless which also helps her look youthful. If she is not doing so already she should make sure she exfoliates a skin a couple of times a week to even out the skintone and will also make sure it always looks fresh and glowing. Jo’s lucky as  was born with the raw material so good genes have helped over the years but her contentment with life also shines through. Blessed with an enviable figure she also oozes confidence and grace which ironically often only comes with age!





She’s a national treasure but who’d guess that the former supermodel has just turned 65 especially when she looks as gorgeous and glamorous as ever. So what’s her secret? The Marks and Spencer star and face of L’Oreal says she defies the ageing process by taking care of herself with a good diet, plenty of exercise including Pilates and tap dancing and  believes in dressing with attitude. Judging by these photos it’s clear that Twiggy hasn’t dabbled with Botox or gone under the knife and just maintains her good looks with a healthy lifestyle and good skincare- she says she couldn’t do without a pot of moisturiser. If she wants to stay looking lovely the natural way, we suggest she could give also her face a daily workout. Facial exercises can make a big difference to the shape, tone and texture. Also, it sometimes takes longer for the skin to bounce back when you wake up in the morning and for pillow creases to disappear so a couple of silk or satin pillowcases can often help. But Twiggy is  still a headturner and proof that its not always surgery that keep you fresh faced


Helen Mirren

NBC's "71st Annual Golden Globe Awards" - Arrivals

Who says you have to have surgery to roll back the years – just look at Oscar winning actress Helen Mirren who is still showing us baby boomers a thing or two. She claims she hasn’t gone under the knife or used Botox so, at 69, how does she manage to look so good and effortlessly stylish.  Clearly she is still young at heart which shows in her face and the quality of her youthful luminous skin. She keeps herself fit and does 15 minutes of exercise every day, watches what she eats and loves to sleep. And if you’re looking for proof how a good haircut can snip away the years, then here it is – a style and colour which is flattering and anti ageing. Her jawline is also well defined and firm which gives her a youthful profile. This is often due to good genes and keeping your body weight steady and her skin looks natural, well looked after for a women her age but not frozen in time like some Hollywood stars half her age. Whatever Helen is doing, is working fantastically well so we’re sure she will continue to defy the ageing process well into her seventies. As Helen proves, ageless beauty is not just about how old you look but also a combination of style and body confidence.




With her sexy tousled hair style, singer Lulu always looks sensational and she swears that having a great hairdresser is the answer to ‘ageing disgracefully.’ And we agree. A choppy fringe can often be the cheapest Botox you can buy  – great for hiding a few wrinkles softening faces and emphasising the eyes. Opting for a more subtle shade of blonde rather than her natural fiery red is also a softer colour choice which makes the grandmother – can you believe it – look a decade younger than her 65 years. She admits to having Botox but also believes in pampering her face and has developed her own anti ageing skincare range called Timebomb. “It’s about trying a little bit harder and accentuating some of our best features. It’s not about looking younger. I just don’t want to appear older than I am.” With her edgy rock chic style there’s no chance of that!



Joan Collins 

Joan Collins arriving at the ITV studios, London.

Who’d believe that the ever-glamorous Joan Collins was of pensionionable age? At 81 and flaunting a flawless complexion, svelte figure and unlined face she could pass for a woman a couple of decades younger. So what’s her secret? She’s denied ever going under knife saying ‘it’s a plain woman’s revenge” and once tried Botox but didn’t like the effect, claiming she is also needle phobic Instead she attributes her youthful looks to plenty of  ‘slap’, the full works including eyelashes and red lippie, saying it takes half and hour to apply  but takes years off her. And she’s right.  If you’re clever with application make-up can disguise and improve the appearance of most ageing problems. Use a ‘less is more’ approach. Primers will help to create a smooth canvas for make-up, effectively filling in lines and a light, hydrating foundation can help plump out fine lines instead of highlighting them. But Dame Joan’s biggest antiager has probably been avoiding the sun for the last sixty years and good genetics. She always wears sun protection wearing sunglasses and wide hats, keeps her weight steady and doesn’t believe in yo-yo dieting. She also relies on good skincare, eats an avocado a day and has frequent oxygen facials.





The Key issues for the skin: extreme dryness, wrinkles, sagging (ugh!), and loss of radiance

How to Treat Without Going Under The Knife

* Boost cell turnover and make exfoliation part of your regular skin care routine to help even out skin tone, keep pores from clogging and to avoid dryness. – this is why men age so well – they exfoliate every day through shaving,

* If your at home skincare routine isn’t enough see a cosmetic doctor and ask about peels and laser procedures which can make a dramatic difference to the quality of your skin.

* Up your skin care routine and always include a serum before using a moisturiser. Stem cell creams are also worth including in your routine, Dr.Levy uses stem cells and is the best drlevyswitzerland.com

*Products work differently depending on the time of day you apply them – products containing peptides, enzyme Q10 and vitamin B3 work better at night as they enhance the collagen and elastin stimulation process – the first two hours of sleep is the key time.

*Reduce a sagging jawline with carefully placed Botox injections where the neck meets the jaw which will give a facelift effect.

*Boost skin quality with Sculptra. It replaces volume by creating a framework for new collagen. A local or topical anesthetic may be required, and bruising and swelling can remain up to a week. Results take a few months to show up but can last two to three years.

*If you are fed up with a saggy face you don’t have to resort to the scalpel, as there are so many more non-invasive options now available, smooth skin and tackle fine lines with Pelleve and have monthly radio frequency facials. These painless treatments create tauter, smoother-looking skin. Six sessions are usually needed for best result.

* Watch for sprouting hairs on the chin and the beginnings of a moustache – a common problem after 50 due to hormones. IPL is the best solution if the hairs are not grey, if they are grey, electrolysis or plucking may be the only answer.



*No more jogging or runningRegular running can lead to “joggers jaw”, sagging jowls caused by tissues being stretched with the constant up and down pounding motion which also leads to fat loss in the face.

*Take up yoga – it’s ideal for older people, people who have never worked out or who are recovering from a surgery and have to start slow. It’s easy, you can’t get hurt, and it’s very doable, even in ten-minute segments. Most of the postural changes that occur in later life are due to contraction shortening of tendons and yoga can help stretch them.

*Keep moving  – of all the things that can allow you to age successfully, staying physically active is number one.

* Don’t try to look skinny. After a certain age, thinness is not attractive especially in the face A few extra pounds can make you look healthier, younger, and more attractive and you can do with good nutrition and gentle resistance exercise without gaining fat.

*Sleep on your back. Sleeping on your side, especially the same side of your body can give you sleep lines on the cheeks

*Don’t sit on top of the fire/heaterToo near the heater can cause skin reddening, broken veins and even break down collagen – be at least ten feet away the heat.

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