Gravity may have won at the Oscars this year, but we Brits have spent most of 2014 trying to defy it, splashing out on facelifts to fix droopy jowls, ear reshaping treatments and skin plumping procedures to lift and put back the glow. For the first time too more women are having fat injected than removed thanks to the popularity of fat transfer procedures. The trend is still for less invasive treatments as everyone wants surgical results without the downtime, cost and scarring. but the latest cutting edge techniques and new soft beauty fixes give results so subtle no one even notices or leaves every one guessing “Has she or hasn’t she?” From new ways of transferring body fat, a multitude of lunchtime lasers which will tighten and tone from top to toe and hi tech facials these procedures involve hardly any downtime with maximum results. But with such a myriad of procedures to choose from which ones are worth the investment? Here’s my round up of the most popular anti ageing treatments and beauty products this year

1. Fat Transfer

What is that makes a woman’s face or body look younger? It’s volume in the right proportion and shape. As we age we lose volume but any loss can be corrected and reversed using a fat transfer technique. It may seem strange to add fat to your body but it is a natural alternative to implants and fillers. The procedure works by literally transferring fat from areas in which you have excess fat, such as the outer thighs or abdomen using a form of liposuction and after treating it in a special machine injecting it back into areas lacking volume such as in the face (eg sunken cheeks, hollow temples) and various parts of the body including, hands, bottoms and even calves. It can also be used to correct facial scars, to cosmetically enhance the lips and some doctors use this procedure to fill out cellulite dimples.

Fat transfer techniques have evolved enormously since the first reported transfer of fat obtained from liposuction in 1982 and the newer fat transfer techniques include more advanced and safer methods of quickly harvesting clean and pure fat tissue ready for immediate transfer injection. These new techniques use only local anesthesia, causing little to no bruising, swelling, or discomfort and have little or no recovery time. In theory, fat should be the perfect filler because as it is taken from the patient’s own body, there is no chance of an allergic reaction. And, as the fat is injected, no incision is needed.

In the early days of fat transfer, retention of the fat in its new location was a problem and as much as half would be lost in the following months but thanks to newer technology and techniques 75 to 85 percent or more of the volume restored can now be retained with results lasting up to five years. New enhancement techniques also include the use of tissue growth factors derived from platelet rich plasma (PRP) processed from the patient’s own blood which also increases the life of fat cells. Depending on areas to be treated fat grafting costs from £2500 more information from 0207 436 4441

2. New Y- ears

It’s the little tweaks that can often have a big impact and this year we’ve seen the rise of the earlobe reduction as well as requests for injecting fillers into creases in front of the ears. Ears age just like any other part of the face or body, mainly through the natural ageing process and constant exposure to the sun. Also, as collagen and elasticity decreases we lose volume in our earlobes and as the fat disappears they become elongated and saggy with fine wrinkling on the surface. Women who wear heavy earrings are particularly at risk because the weight pulls the ear downwards and stretches the skin even further and can leave extra large pierced holes. But ear reshaping can make pierced holes smaller and give the ears a lift. Two treatments are usually required, the first uses laser to reshape the lobes and when they are healed, around three months later, a second session can plump the lobes using a filler. Ear shaping costs from £1500

3 The Super Facial

There are many options available today for facial rejuvenation with results that can often mimic a facelift. This year, though it was more skin quality with patients demanding a more even tone and glowing complexion than erasing every wrinkle, hence the rise of the laser facial which gives a boost to collagen whilst targeting broken capillaries, age spots and sun damage. The laser targets areas of the skin from a small wand like device and can treat the entire face in around half an hour. Four to six one hour treatments recommended with results lasting up to one year. From £150 per treatment

4. Tighten Up

Around your 40s and beyond, most women start to notice changes in the texture of the skin. What was once firm, tight and supple may now be thin and crepey in texture. Blame it on depleted collagen levels, genetics and sun damage. But one of the latest non-invasive skins tightening treatment can help improve skin quality and tone. Reaction by Viora is a quick, safe procedure which uses both vacuum massage and radiofrequency (RF). The massage improves blood circulation and lymphatic draining, while the heat produced by RF tightens, smooths and stimulates new collagen growth for better skin thickness and texture. Eight weekly 20-minute treatments can improve loose skin on arms legs and tummy. From £200 a treatment

5. Fat Zapping

Sculpting your body no longer takes months in the gym or invasive surgery as the new body contouring machines are able to do more now than ever before, packing a host of technologies into one device. TiteFX for instance is a triple action treatment using radio frequency heating, a vacuum massage and a high voltage pulse (HVP) designed to destroy unwanted fat cells by causing thermal damage to the fat layer, and allowing the body to dispose of them naturally, all the while boosting collagen and tightening your skin The good thing about these new fat blasters is that they are all minimally invasive so require no general anaesthesia, have less downtime with little discomfort and can target all areas of the body. Although they need a settling down period and results improve over a period of time you can get back to normal activities almost immediately.

Six hourly treatments a week apart recommended. From £999 for a course

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