Recently, I’ve noticed the odd long dark hair popping up on my chin and nose.  I’m in my fifties. What’s happening?
Many women, especially those going through the menopause, experience hair growth in strange areas. Some women find random hairs on their toes, back and upper lip area. It’s mostly due to an imbalance in the hormones oestrogen and the male hormone testosterone which causes hair to grow darker and longer – sadly, though, not on the head where hair usually thins. Plucking the odd hair is often the easiest solution or depilatory creams are a good alternative as they dissolve the hair at the skin’s surface. Try
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Can I use a facial oil on my oily complexion and will I still need a moisturiser?
One of the biggest beauty myths is that facials oils are only suitable for dry skin. Far richer than your average day cream, a couple of drops of facial oil a day will instantly revitalise, balance and calm skin without leaving greasy side effects. And, yes, even oily skin can benefit from the right oil as you can actually fight oil with oil, as it will help counteract imbalance. The natural ingredients in oil, (look for ingredients like avocado and almond) will trick your skin into thinking it already has enough oil and shut off the production of sebum. But oil should not replace a moisturiser.  Oils help seal in moisturise so for good skin hydration you need both. When it comes to layering skin care the golden rule is the lightest ingredient first. So apply moisturise first and then seal by patting in a few drops of oil on top to seal in the goodness.  If you’re nervous about using oils try using a cleansing oil first to see how your skin reacts or just use at night, after a night cream  – or mix a couple of drops into your night cream.
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