Sensitive skin – patch test products before you buy them and choose skincare that isn’t overloaded with chemicals. Try natural, organic brands and go for the simplest formulas you can find. Chemical sunscreens often cause sensitivity, so opt for barrier sunblocks that use minerals such as zinc oxide.

Dry skin – in water central heating can leave skin even more parched than normal, so pop a bowl of wear on the radiator or on a surface nearby to let some moisture evaporate into the air. Don’t over-exfoliate with harsh scrubs. Choose a gentle product and use it once a week only. ‘Moisturise’ your skin from the inside with an Omega 3, 6 and 9 supplement.

Oily skin – never be temped to use a harsh toner; in the long run i9t will make your skin produce even more oil. Only use moisturizer when its needed to avoid the oily T-zone. Go for creams and sun care products that are non-comedongenic – that means they won’t block pores.

Combination skin – avoid moisturizing the T-zone, which will probably be oily, and give a little extra hydration to your cheeks, which will probably be dry. Use different face masks for each of these areas : a deep cleansing and detoxifying one for the T-zone and a moisturising one for your cheeks.



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